Our Story

After being raised on a Robertson County farm, Tom Head fulfilled a life-long dream in 1983 and bought a farm. In the early years, he grew dark-fired tobacco, corn and soy beans. Eventually, corn and soy beans were deleted and beef cattle were added. In 2003, Tom added Sarah, a city girl, who was able to fulfill one of her life-long dreams of living on a farm.

Orchard2011 004

Today, the farm produces feeder calves, apples and other fruit. They strive to be as efficient as possible and produce a high-quality product whether it’s beef or fruit. Sarah and Tom both appreciate and love the land. They still marvel at watching new life unfold every day on the farm.

Every season brings something wondrous, showing God’s handiwork in different ways. Calves arriving in the spring, the fruit trees blooming and bearing fruit in the summer and the smell of tobacco firing in the barn in early fall. Then the winter months are spent getting ready to do it all again. That’s life on the farm.

Today, Shade Tree Farm has grown to 140 acres. It is home to 48 mama cows and 2 bulls. The original orchard had 90 trees, mostly apple. There are also 50 peach trees and 3 pear trees.

In 2009, Tom planted over 100 more trees as well as blueberries. In 2010, about 300 more trees were added. Another passion is day lillies and you will see them scattered throughout the yard and around the orchard.


2014-03-19 18.55.10The orchard at Shade Tree farm has about 500 fruit-bearing trees. Farmer Tom plants more trees every year. Not all of the trees are producing yet, but each year, we have more and more fruit. Our apple season usually begins around Labor Day.

We have several varieties of apples including Anna, Granny Smith, Gala, Jonathan, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Mutsu and several others. We have a couple of trees that bear beautiful red/green apples. We don’t know what the variety is, so we’ve taken to calling them the Bell Witch Mystery Apple in honor of Adams’ most infamous “resident”.

We also have peach trees, a few pear trees, blackberries and blueberries that produce……if the weather cooperates. We are totally at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Fresh Apple Cider

Shade Tree Orchard - fresh ciderWe do not pasteurize our cider. We press the juice from the apples and put it in jugs. That’s it. Because it is fresh and has no preservatives, it will stay in your refrigerator for about 2 weeks before it begins to….change.

We sell freshly pressed cider in 1 gallon and 1/2 gallon jugs.  Our season usually runs from Labor Day weekend until the second week of November.  During the off season, we typically have frozen cider on hand.

We also use our fresh cider to make cider slushies which are available in our store during the season.