A New Season

It is hard to believe that we are gearing up for another season.  Farmer Tom has started pruning trees and we are making plans for our first big event, our spring festival and quilt show on April 6 and 7.  We will have a lot of activities and are looking for vendors.  If you are interested, please call Sarah at 615-417-8628.  We are looking for crafts, demonstrations, classes, surprise me.

This is our 10th season to be open and we will have several special events throughout the season.  To top things off, our super dog, Huck is celebrating his 10th birthday.  Most of our customers know Huck as he tries to greet everyone who visits the orchard.  He was abandoned on the side of a road and we took him in 9 years ago.  He is our child and his favorite thing in the whole world is riding with “Daddy” in the truck.  Riding with “Mama” is okay, but his first choice is to be in the truck.  He is not real happy when Mama goes along since that means he has to settle for the back seat.

We are making plans to make this our biggest season ever and we hope you will find time to come out and visit during berry season, peach season and/or apple season.  Huck will be looking for you.


Winding down the season

The cooler weather is finally here!  It seems like it has taken forever for fall to get here, weather wise.  We are getting to the end of the season which means the arrival of 2 of our favorite apples: Pink Lady and Arkansas Black.  Talk about opposites!  The Pink Lady is just a beautiful apple, it really is pink and it is crunchy, juicy and sweet tart.  The Arkansas Black is a red apple that is so dark, it looks black.  It is an heirloom apple, been around for nearly 200 years.  It is a great storage apple – we keep them all winter.  We still have other varieties – Granny Smith, Cameo, Dixie Red, Red Delicious and Wine Sap.  We will stay open as long as we have apples, usually through the 2nd weekend of November.

Shade Tree was featured on the program, Live Green Tennessee which airs on the Cookeville, TN public station, WCTE.  It has aired several times over the past week.   We really appreciate the opportunity to promote our little orchard.

Thanks to everyone who came out this season.  We are so grateful and we are already plotting and planning to make next season even better.

Great Season

So, we have about another month to go before we shut down for the winter. It has been our best season so far. Every year, we have customers come into the store and say, “we didn’t know you were here”, but it seems we had even more this year. Our thanks to Clarksville Now for coming out and doing a story about us. The week after it hit the internet, we had so many people come out and visit saying they saw us on Clarksville Now. We are most grateful.

The fall festival was a big success, even with a brief shower at the end of one of the wagon rides. It didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits and fun was had by all. We added a bounce house this year and that seemed to be a big hit.

We will be open until there are no more apples and that is usually through the 2nd weekend of November. We are making cider every week and serving lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Hope you will make one more trip to visit us before we close for the season.

Apple Season

The eclipse viewing was just amazing. We had such a nice crowd from, literally, all over the country. We couldn’t have hand picked a nicer group of people!

Apples are ready for picking. We were so overwhelmed last year by the number of folks who came out to pick, so we are putting a limit of one peck basket of apples per family. If you want more, you can purchase them in the store. We will always have apples in the store and we want as many people to be able to pick as possible.

The fall festival will be on Saturday, October 7 and the petting zoo will return for the 4th year. Molly’s Ark does such a great job and always has some fun and different animals for the kids.

Field trip slots are filling up, so be sure and call Sarah at 615-417-8628 to book yours.

Happy Fall!

Eclipse and Apples

The total solar eclipse is less than 2 weeks away.  It has been almost bewildering reading about all of the people that are expected to gather in a 70 mile wide strip across America for this phenomenal event.  My brother is a geek.  He has 2 graduate degrees in nuclear physics and is very techy and sciency.  He has been sending me messages about how we should do this and do that on the day of the eclipse.  He reserved our guest room over a year ago after determining that the orchard is an ideal location to get the full benefit of the eclipse.  He is bringing a solar telescope for viewing and has ordered a supply of those special sunglasses for viewing.  He has even pinpointed the best area on the farm for the best view.  We’re set.  I had not intended to make a big deal about this as everyone around us is having a viewing party.  I just thought it would be fun to be open that day and anyone who wants to come out, we’d love to have you.  Yes, the store will be open, yes, we will have souvenir cups for cider slushies and yes, the cafe will be open.  There is a good chance that some apples will be ready to pick by then, too.   That’s about it.  If you want a lot of hoopla, go somewhere else.  If you just want a good view of the eclipse and enjoy the orchard, come on out.


On another note, the apples are looking good and I think we are going to have a good crop.  We will open Labor Day weekend for apples.  Our fall festival will be Saturday, October 7 and the petting zoo will be back.  We are so looking forward to our favorite time of the year!

Catching Up

So, when you don’t check your web site on a regular basis like you are supposed to, you find it has expired.  I’m so embarrassed.  It seems to be hit or miss with me.

Right now, we still have blueberries and blackberries to pick.  Blueberries won’t be around much longer, but blackberries are abundant.  The heat does not make it much fun to pick during the day, so I’m trying to get out early and that does help, but it is still hot.  My hat is off to all of the pickers who have come out and endured the heat to pick gallons of berries.  I have to admit, the end result makes it worth it.  There is nothing better than a fresh blueberry you just picked.  We tease the kids when they come back to the store after picking.  We tell them to stick out their tongue so we can see if they ate any while picking.  It’s hard not to!

We are at the Robertson County Farmers’ Market every Saturday with berries and frozen cider.  We share vendor space with Dancing Cow Creamery.  This is a company that, along with my daughter and son in law, we purchased last year.  We make soaps, lotions, balms and lip balms using Jersey cow cream.

It looks like we are going to have a decent apple crop.  Farmer Tom is still seeing issues with bitter rot invading trees.  He has worked so hard to eliminate it, but it continues to be a problem.  In spite of that, there are a lot of apples and some should be ready by the end of August, if not before.

The store is open Thursday through Sunday for berry picking and we will be open August 21 for the total eclipse.  We will have a solar telescope for viewing and those disposable viewing glasses to purchase.  It should be a fun day.


We have blueberries ready to pick! We are open Thursday through Sunday, 10 to 4 for pick your own. If you want them already picked, give us a call at 615-696-2915 so we can have them ready for you. Blackberries should be ready in another week.