It just sounds so futuristic! As I sit here in our office, I am watching it continue to rain. Everything is so soggy and with the temps predicted to drop over the next 24 hours, it will not be fun.

We are beginning to plot and plan for our 12th season. We hope it will be our best season ever. We will be adding a few new things, nothing massive, but just trying to keep it interesting.

One of the biggest changes is Farmer Tom took out about 40 trees in the orchard, including most of the original trees planted over 20 years ago. We are hopeful that getting rid of the older trees that had gotten to big to prune and harder to pick, will improve the health of the rest of the trees. Time will tell. Of course, he will be planting more trees in the next few months as he does every year, but it has changed the look of the orchard for sure. We are optimistic that improvements have been made.

The next couple of months will be planning time and we will be attending the 2020 Pick TN conference in Franklin TN in February. We always get new ideas and get inspired there.

We hope 2020 will be the best year for you and we look forward to you visiting the orchard later this year.