Another Great Weekend

To say the past weekend was a huge success is really an understatement. We are so grateful to the Robertson County Chamber for having the second annual Experience Robertson County and letting us be a part of it for the second year. So many people who live in Robertson County have never been to the orchard and this event brings those folks out who can see what we have to offer. We probably had close to 1000 people visit us on Saturday.

Then, expecting a quiet Sunday, we were busy with apple pickers and even had a Girl Scout troop visit. They picked apples and earned a badge. It was a fun day and it went by so quickly.

There are still apples to pick! It was interesting to have folks go out and some came back saying they could not find any good apples and others came back with baskets full of beautiful apples. One woman, with 3 baskets full, told me you just had to be dedicated. I was impressed with her dedication, especially in the miserable heat. It really doesn’t feel like apple picking weather, but we have had so many brave the heat and we are most appreciative.

I will be posting on Facebook late Wednesday after I have gone out in the orchard to see where there are still apples to pick. Folks always want to know what kinds are out there to pick an I hope I can figure out what is what and let everyone know what is available.

We are forever grateful that people continue to find us and come visit as we continue our 11th season. What a ride.