Season is in full swing

We were just ready for the apple season to start quite this early, but the apples are ready and they need to be picked. The down side is the weather! It is just so hot and we admire all the folks who braved the heat to pick apples, blueberries and sunflowers. Now we have rain to contend with this weekend. There are still some apples that are not ripe, but for the most part, there is a lot of picking to be done. Farmer Tom is going to get cider apples in the next few days, which means we will be cranking up the cider making process next week. It is a big job, but oh so rewarding. There is nothing better than a cup of cider right out of the press. Well, the cider slushy is pretty good too. We are always looking for new ideas to bring to the orchard store and ways to enhance what we are doing already. It is a fun, never ending process. I never take for granted that I am so very lucky to live and work at Shade Tree Farm and Orchard.