Busy times at the orchard

I know I am terrible at updating our web site. I have the best intentions, so my road is well-paved.

We are so excited about the sunflowers. It is our first attempt at this and I can see now some changes we will have to make for next year. The first year is always a learning experience and this is no exception. The sunflowers are so tall and so pretty. We are working this week to make them accessible and have plenty of pretty spots for photos. We have even added a small play area that includes a large hill of dirt that we have named Sunflower Hill. The first time Farmer Tom had a hill of dirt, caused by a construction project, we were so amused that the grandchildren spent hours playing on that hill of dirt. So, we have incorporated one in the play area, again, the remnants of a project – graveling the parking area.

Apple season is just around the corner. The early apples are just about ripe. We continue to fight bitter rot that causes black spots on the apples, but there are plenty of pretty, unblemished apples out there. Galas are the first to be ready and it may be sooner than our planned opening date of August 31.

We are very thankful for the rain we had over the past 2 days. It was much needed as the grass was beginning to crunch when you walked across the yard. That should be the touch needed to get the rest of the sunflowers to go ahead and open up. They are gorgeous.

Come see us.