It’s Wednesday, so it must be raining

Boy, have we had the rain this year! Our peach crop was minimal at best and too much rain didn’t help any. It’s hard to get any mowing done, hay cut or anything outside when it is raining, which seems to be most of the time.

On the bright side, apples are looking good. We are keeping our fingers crossed that they stay that way. We will open Labor Day weekend for apple picking, but there is an outside chance that we will open earlier if the apples are ready.

Berries have been great and there are still berries to pick, both blueberries and blackberries. They continue to ripen and we should have berries until the end of July.

We have graveled the parking area which defines the parking area and eliminates getting stuck in the mud, which might be a problem if this rain continues. It was long overdue and we think it will make parking so much better.

We have done something new this year. We have planted a 1/4 acre of sunflowers. They are growing and should start blooming in another month. If all goes well, we will offer pick your own sunflowers, including a take home container, for $15. Bring the container back to get more and receive a $2 discount. We are watching and waiting to be sure we will have blooms, but they are looking good.

Hopefully, the rain will hold off some this weekend so we can get more berries picked. Optimism. My new middle name.