Crazy Weather

The weather continues to be a factor at the orchard.  The peach trees are blooming and we are just crossing our fingers and hoping that we will still have peaches after all of the warm then cold then warm weather we have been having.  Farmer Tom has been busy pruning when weather permits.

The blueberry bushes are beginning to bud and that makes me happy.  I think blueberries just picked are about the best thing I’ve ever put in my whole mouth.  There is nothing like it.

Our festival is a couple of weeks away and we are looking forward to kicking off the season with that.  We will have activities for all ages and Kids Zone on Saturday with a bounce house and other fun things for the kids.

It’s still hard to believe that this is our 10th season to be open.  We are so thankful and do not take it for granted.

Come see us!