Winding down the season

The cooler weather is finally here!  It seems like it has taken forever for fall to get here, weather wise.  We are getting to the end of the season which means the arrival of 2 of our favorite apples: Pink Lady and Arkansas Black.  Talk about opposites!  The Pink Lady is just a beautiful apple, it really is pink and it is crunchy, juicy and sweet tart.  The Arkansas Black is a red apple that is so dark, it looks black.  It is an heirloom apple, been around for nearly 200 years.  It is a great storage apple – we keep them all winter.  We still have other varieties – Granny Smith, Cameo, Dixie Red, Red Delicious and Wine Sap.  We will stay open as long as we have apples, usually through the 2nd weekend of November.

Shade Tree was featured on the program, Live Green Tennessee which airs on the Cookeville, TN public station, WCTE.  It has aired several times over the past week.   We really appreciate the opportunity to promote our little orchard.

Thanks to everyone who came out this season.  We are so grateful and we are already plotting and planning to make next season even better.