Catching Up

So, when you don’t check your web site on a regular basis like you are supposed to, you find it has expired.  I’m so embarrassed.  It seems to be hit or miss with me.

Right now, we still have blueberries and blackberries to pick.  Blueberries won’t be around much longer, but blackberries are abundant.  The heat does not make it much fun to pick during the day, so I’m trying to get out early and that does help, but it is still hot.  My hat is off to all of the pickers who have come out and endured the heat to pick gallons of berries.  I have to admit, the end result makes it worth it.  There is nothing better than a fresh blueberry you just picked.  We tease the kids when they come back to the store after picking.  We tell them to stick out their tongue so we can see if they ate any while picking.  It’s hard not to!

We are at the Robertson County Farmers’ Market every Saturday with berries and frozen cider.  We share vendor space with Dancing Cow Creamery.  This is a company that, along with my daughter and son in law, we purchased last year.  We make soaps, lotions, balms and lip balms using Jersey cow cream.

It looks like we are going to have a decent apple crop.  Farmer Tom is still seeing issues with bitter rot invading trees.  He has worked so hard to eliminate it, but it continues to be a problem.  In spite of that, there are a lot of apples and some should be ready by the end of August, if not before.

The store is open Thursday through Sunday for berry picking and we will be open August 21 for the total eclipse.  We will have a solar telescope for viewing and those disposable viewing glasses to purchase.  It should be a fun day.