Stupid weather

So, we have been grousing about the weather and it has not gotten any better. Farmer Tom is pretty sure we won’t have very many, if any, peaches this year. The trees bloomed and then the temp dropped to below freezing. Sadness indeed. Maybe, just maybe, we will have a few peaches.

The cold weather has not affected the apples yet since they do not bloom as early as the peaches.

We have our first big spring field trip on April 19. We will be hosting 170 first graders from the Clarksville area. Since it is spring, we will be talking about bees and how important they are to an orchard. The students will be making bee’s wax candles. We are excited and eager to see how this adventure will go. It will certainly be a pretty time to be in the orchard if all goes well.

Our spring festival/quilt show/pie baking contest will be May 5, 6, 7 and we’re looking forward to that. We still have a few vendor spaces available. The pie baking contest should be a fun addition to the festival. Judging will take place Saturday morning.

Farmer Tom will be out pruning trees later today when the temp is above freezing. Let’s hope things wil improve from now on!